First, you clean off the blood stains (I always wanted to say that). Off of my bike of course. Which looked like it came from one of the CSI episodes. Then you check the tires and notice that the first one is flat. All the way. You take off the wheel and see that the tire is ripped, probably due to the crash. You change the tire. You then try to fill the new tire with air. Which is trickier than it sounds. You curse. You try again. It won`t work. You curse. You try to reach your father who is in friggin austria right now. No answer. You sweat. You throw everything into the corner and take a bath. You send sms`s to Maq. You feel stupid. You come out of the bath and try again. Same result. Finally, your father calls back and says the magic words “Turn the valve around!“. You do as you are told and suddenly everything works. It`s just that now the hour is 20:30 and is way too late to go to Domžale now. So you finish cleaning your bike and start blogging, listening to Ska Cubano.

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