Seriously. I truly and utterly do not get the people who go on a holiday and then scream. At their kids, at each other, at others. The point of a vacation is to relax, kick back and enjoy the sun, sea and other fine things. And not to scream your lungs out on each and

It went better than expected. Way better. I know it sounds corny, but these were the best summer seaside vacations ever. The most amazing part at the whole thing was that we did every single thing imaginable. We practically drained the seaside and exploit it to the maximum. From swimming our asses off every day,

300 photos 42 km of coastline 30 orgasms 18 days 5 concerts 2 persons = 1 best holidays ever

Public service announcement

11.07.2005  •  Filmi  •   Osebno0

Although we are leaving for the sunny sea side on Tuesday and there are three more days to go before we take the train and leave it all behind (for at least three weeks), you can never start packing too early. Or at least think about packing, since I`ll have only one day to get

Seriously. OK, apart from the storm last night and the cool-to-cold weather this morning which is typical for the stereotype mondays, maybe it`s because I am back at work. And the fact that it`s friday does not help. And I just don`t know what to do with myself. Funny how people took off at exactly

*People over politics.

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