I never thought I`ll say this but it feels weird to be home again. Not weird in an unpleasant-what-is-this-arrow-doing-in-my-ass- and-oh-my-god-are-those-crocs! kinda way, but nevertheless weird. I will not go on analysing it, because it will do me no good. Maybe I just need to get some sleep. Dreaming about something action-packed is not good. At

Slovene language has three sexes. Feminine, masculine and neutro sex. They differ at so many things that it`s almost impossible to mix them up. However, on the dark side of the force so to speak, there are so many rules and so many exceptions that it`ll make your head spin. But even that works as

I do not know if such a thing even exist in the real world. I mean, not that the name does not exist, but that it`s in coherrence with my definition of it (my, what language). Anyway, you remember the movie of course. And you without a doubt remember the scene at the end of

I giggled at the wrong time and landed guest-writing at BeeBee`s blog. Go there for a dosage of slovene ranting at general specific.

First thing you do when you meet a person is say hello. Or go fuck yourself, but most people tends to kick things off with hello. Hello comes in various shapes and sizes, depending on the person you are greeting. This is very important since the wrong type of greeting could result in an instant

We`ll see how long this one lasts. Problem with language, especially slovene language is that it cannot be dealt lightly. You cannot just type random words and translating them because people would not know what to do with them. Translating a word and using it in a sentence would be a little better, but then

Shadow on the sun

05.07.2005  •  Osebno0

this post will be short and to the point withouth any puncuation marks because i don`t feel like putting them in so you`ll have to excuse me for being artistic today of course I will not write the whole book in this style and call myself one of the greatest writers of the 20th century

Back on track

04.07.2005  •  Osebno1

I guess one week of general juckiness (what a…mature term) was enough. It always makes me wonder if it`s really the drugs that helped or did my body just went “Fuck it! this is boring, let`s do something else now!“. Be it as it may, I am going to work today. And maybe it`ll be

Luggage and focus change

03.07.2005  •  Osebno3

Went to the coast yesterday, with a slight feeling that maybe I should be someplace else. But then again, being “there” would not help much either so I guess going to see my grandparents was the best solution. Changing focus. Some say I handled the thing pretty good for the first time, but I cannot