Month: August 2005

Money…or peace of mind?

This last job spawned an interesting debate whether matter wins over mind. More exactly, what is the price of your peace of mind. You see, they told me to get the fuck out of there today. Just because the employee that told me that was yelled at by our boss […]


OK, seriously, I cannot believe that this report about e-mail hygiene is right. Seriously, 1 out of 10 people tried to buy the product??? My god. That`s like…my brains cannot come up with a similarly stupid example of just how dumb that is. Someone is actually trying to buy viagra, […]

Make it go (faster)!

OK seriously…people suck at IT things. It`s like walking into a kitchen and bother the cook if he can make the water boil faster (technically, that`s possible. But it includes a trip to the himalayas). After scanning the living crap out of those old archived magazines it was time to […]

Happy birthday, you prick!

Since Baya is explaining her view on the matter, I guess here`s my two cents. I could post in her comments, but what the hell…the topic is worth debating. This topic is a text-book example of how the society shapes the individual. Where do you come from and how were […]

Sad moment

It`s always sad when it happens. You see, I am a hard-core functionalist. Everything I own has a function in my universe. I am not one of those people who own things they don`t really need or own things that they do not know how to put them in good […]

Going back…

It`s actually quite funny when you think of it. Going back to school I mean. You know how something big is about to happen and yet you find yourself worrying about the least important detail? “If I die today and they find my body, do I really wanna wear THESE […]

Croatia, go home!

OK, this thing has to stop. Seriously. Right now. This needs to get unfucked promptly. First of all, Aviano is not that far away. I think two or three fly-bys of these birds would do wonders. No shooting, just flying by, making a lot of noise. That`ll keep the assholes […]

Some new in, some old out… – FIXED

Thank you all for participating in showing me your most likable blogs. My blogroll was getting kind of dusty and I think it`s high time we do a little autumn cleaning. I know it`s usually spring cleaning but what the hell…it`s my blog and I do what I want to. […]