There`s only one way and that`s up when it comes to stats. The only problem is the time frame. So let`s see, I needed almost half a year to come from zero to a hero, sorry, 10.000 and only 3 months to duplicate the number. Of course, I could not do it without the loyal readers and people who goggle for variation of the word pussy. How to improve your visit ratings? Forget the rest, just slap on a big ole pussy sub-page and people will find you. It`s amazing that pussy is the number one keyword, and here I was thinking I have a nice photoblog, that I write meaningful stuff about my country or that people enjoy my reviews. Another thing, the word pussy is not very descriptive. I mean seriously, google tosses out 4,780,000 pages with that word and people actually click through tens of pages to get to my humble blog, passing the jewels like this site or this game. I mean seriously…I am honoured. Come to think of it, my blog is the worst kind of spam there is. There`s promises of pussy all around, and when you actually get there (or in this case here) there`s nothing else but some stupid spoofed movie titles. Now how sucky is that?

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