Since Baya is sleeping and told me not to wake her up until eleven (alas, I did, since the post-it note was under my phone and my phone was on the table, nowhere close to the bed), maybe it`s time to get on with our schooling project. So for today, something really simple. The duality.

You see, unlike the majority of languages, Slovene are making it hard for themselves once again by using a dual form. We don`t just have A DOG and multiple DOGS, we also have a special form when we want to specify there were exactly TWO DOGS. And no, we are not using numerals. To complicate stuff even further, there is a different form for each and every of the sexes genders. Fun stuff really.

For male noun
1. PES (a dog)
2. PSA (two dogs)
3. PSI (three or more dogs)

For female noun
1. ROŽA (a flower)
2. ROŽI (two flowers)
3. ROŽE (three or more flowers)

For neutro noun
1. MORJE (a sea)
2. MORJI (two seas)
3. MORJA (three or more seas)

The secret again, lies in the ending of the word, howerer there is more than one form for every sex gender and there is ample of exclusions. Welcome to simplicity!

For male nouns, it goes something like this

If the word ends on anything else but I, E, O U or A, the dual form ends on A and the plural form ends on I. Examples:

1. Zvočnik (a speaker)
2. Zvočnika (two speakers)
3. Zvočniki (three or more speakers)

1. Avtobus (a bus)
2. Avtobusa (two buses)
3. Avtobusi (three or more buses)

1. Policaj (a police officer)
2. Policaja (two police officers)
3. Policaji (three or more police officers)

Howewer, if the word ends on A,E,I,O,U new rules apply.

1. Marko
2. Markota
3. Markoti

1. Tine
2. Tineta
3. Tineti

…you get the principle.

For female nouns, the principle is again simpler and has no exceptions (or at least, none I can recall right now so if there are any, please, fill me in).

For neuter nouns, the same goes as for female nouns. The simpler the endings, the easier the formation.


Put these babies into the correct formation

Pajek (a spider)
Metulj (a butterfly)
Jetra (liver)
Vojak (a soldier)
Svetilka (a lamp)
Lonček (a cup)
Številka (a numeral, a number)
Kača (a snake)
Dež (rain)
Cesta (a road)

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