So, this is what I`d call a resting period. You rest from the things of the past and prepare for the things of the future. More precisely, camping. I was always more of a boy-scout than a hotel man myself, partially because it was more convenient and of course cheaper. Few scenes still flash before my eyes when someone says “camping”. A drunken german guy tripping over the ropes and falling on my tent, scaring the shit out of me. A storm just outside Paris while I am cooking in a tent with a 40 degree fever. The everlasting fun when it`s time to pack home and the tent just won`t fit back in the bag. Or when you try to put it all together and you realise that half of the “pieces” are missing. Ah, the joys of camping.

Target is Dolenjska, more precisely Otočec. T&T style, which translates into train&tent. Should be fun considering we never did it together (or that Baya never did it at all). Let`s just hope that a) the place is not full b) it does not rain and c) we don`t get attacked by wolves and bears. Other than that, we can handle.

And that`s all. For now. Slow day, what can I say…

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