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…give me an S, give me an S, give me an H, O, L, E! What does that spell??

They are literally everywhere. There ought to be a law that would forbid these sorts of things from happening, but right now, our best chance is Darwin. But he works slowly and sometimes misses certain individuals who do not deserve to live.

Like for example, if he was to drop a bomb on KUD France Prešeren yesterday while there was an improvisational theater going on, he would only kill 10 people by mistake. The others would deserve to die.

Let me elaborate…

It`s August and it means that the TRNfest is in town. Basically it`s an art festival, with concerts, shows, workshops…the lot. One of my favourite festivals since it features improvisational theater on a weekly basis, more precisely on sundays at 11 o`clock pm. The rain caused the whole thing to move one hour ahead and there we were, trapped inside an asshole`s…erm…hole. The whole place was filled with losers, bums, stoned/drunk people who thought world of themselves. It was a text-book case of improvisational theater that did not function, because the audience was clearly not up to it and was laughing at things that weren`t funny. The whole thing reminded me of Tombstone, a western movie where a group of actors comes into a cowboy town and plays Shakespeare, while the audience drinks, swears and shoots at the actors on stage.

Another rethorical question that arises is, why do they have to sell alcohol at these kinds of shows? And where is the point in drinking over your limit and then making an ass of yourself? I guess the herd principle comes into focus. “If everybody drinks, I`m gonna get drunk too!

The performance of the actors, members of Teater Narobov, was medicore as well. It almost seemed that they are trying harder when money is involved and when they are playing just for the show, they are slacking off a little. But no, I guess the real reason for the drop of quality was to adjust itself to the majority of the audience which came up with witty “true” stories about how they fell in love when they hit somebody with their car or were unable to either a) confess their own sexual orientation or b) pretend they were hetero. Why the fuck did you raise your hand then, dumbass??

Third beef is smoking. Why the fuck do you have to smoke in a theater or at a concert? How addicted are you? And why can`t you do proper drugs like coke or heroin which do not emit smoke that bothers the rest of the crowd? I guess some things remain a mystery.

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