What do Paris Hilton and Tomaž Humar have in common? Well, several things, but the one that wins the number one place is that they are both idiots. Allow me to elaborate.

I gather you saw this. And this. Am I the only one who thinks the fat guy works better? Seriously, I do not get her. I know pissed kitty is constantly complaining about her and I have to say she is right. Seriously…this is what we (the male audience) want? Seriously…this??? OK, confess…how many of you went “Whoa! What a camel-like face!” when you saw this photo and how many of you went “Whoa! A nipple!” I don`t know for you but for me, face comes before a nipple. Especially if the person wearing it is an actress. I guess the thing that bothers me the most is that Paris is the last example in a very long line which tells us that “good taste” is something that obviously comes from a Mark Twain book. Or Shakespeare. And it has no business in the present times, where Paris Hilton is something men crave and want. For god sakes, buy a friggin camel! I`m sure it`ll come at a cheaper rate. Although, Paris is pretty cheap too. Seriously, how many couples do you know that share the same first name? Personally, I`d be scared shitless. And what kind of brain dead parents name their kids after a friggin city? What, is it so that they can keep track of where they did it? If that is the case, I would hate the parents who do it in Wlingen-Schwenningen. Creepy!

Another creepy person is Tomaž Humar. Yeah, he is stuck up there. But even when he is supposedly fighting for his life, where everything is almost lost and he is as good as dead, he has an idea! Jesus christ! Yeah, that would be my first thought too. I am freezing my fingers and toes off, but hey! kids first! Donate for the clinic! Let me be your jesus christ and let this be thou salvation! I am having some problems getting this guy. First of all…right now, they are having a monsoon period. Which means everybody knows the weather is shot to shit and nobody climbs. The Americans are waiting in the camp for the monsoon to pass…what the fuck is our Tommy (Tomaz is an equivalent of Tom) doing up there?? Alone?? And with only half of standard equipment? Second…helicopter rescues are not a standard procedure in mountain-climbing of this sort. It`s either go up and come down or go up and stay up. But nooo…our tommy is calling for help and Slovenia is responding almost unanomously! Save him! Free Willy!! And while everybody are looking up at poor Tommy, freezing at minus five degrees (minus five? Is that the correct data?), nobody is looking the bigger picture. Nobody is asking the obvious questions. Why did he do it? What is he doing now? and What will he do when he gets home? My bet is he`ll write a book. Which will turn into a bestseller. And he will create his own church in which he will claim the lord touched him on that mountain. And people will be amazed and in shock and will claim that Tommy is their messiah.

Do I have an opinion? I think it`s disguisting how he is manipulating everybody and everything. Suddenly, he is our greatest asset, our great big white hope. We must save him even if it means endagering everybody who will try and rescue him. On the other hand we have people literally dying of hunger and disease, we have poor and the needy but fuck them! Tommy! Tommy! Let`s save a schmuck who does not care about his family and his friends! He just wants to climb! If I was the person who would save him, the first thing I would do when we would get on solid ground, is to give him a good slap around the face. And then have him commited in a mental institution. Let him climb the walls if he feels like it.

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