Paris, Humar and the lot.


What do Paris Hilton and Tomaž Humar have in common? Well, several things, but the one that wins the number one place is that they are both idiots. Allow me to elaborate.

I gather you saw this. And this. Am I the only one who thinks the fat guy works better? Seriously, I do not get her. I know pissed kitty is constantly complaining about her and I have to say she is right. Seriously…this is what we (the male audience) want? Seriously…this??? OK, confess…how many of you went “Whoa! What a camel-like face!” when you saw this photo and how many of you went “Whoa! A nipple!” I don`t know for you but for me, face comes before a nipple. Especially if the person wearing it is an actress. I guess the thing that bothers me the most is that Paris is the last example in a very long line which tells us that “good taste” is something that obviously comes from a Mark Twain book. Or Shakespeare. And it has no business in the present times, where Paris Hilton is something men crave and want. For god sakes, buy a friggin camel! I`m sure it`ll come at a cheaper rate. Although, Paris is pretty cheap too. Seriously, how many couples do you know that share the same first name? Personally, I`d be scared shitless. And what kind of brain dead parents name their kids after a friggin city? What, is it so that they can keep track of where they did it? If that is the case, I would hate the parents who do it in Wlingen-Schwenningen. Creepy!

Another creepy person is Tomaž Humar. Yeah, he is stuck up there. But even when he is supposedly fighting for his life, where everything is almost lost and he is as good as dead, he has an idea! Jesus christ! Yeah, that would be my first thought too. I am freezing my fingers and toes off, but hey! kids first! Donate for the clinic! Let me be your jesus christ and let this be thou salvation! I am having some problems getting this guy. First of all…right now, they are having a monsoon period. Which means everybody knows the weather is shot to shit and nobody climbs. The Americans are waiting in the camp for the monsoon to pass…what the fuck is our Tommy (Tomaz is an equivalent of Tom) doing up there?? Alone?? And with only half of standard equipment? Second…helicopter rescues are not a standard procedure in mountain-climbing of this sort. It`s either go up and come down or go up and stay up. But nooo…our tommy is calling for help and Slovenia is responding almost unanomously! Save him! Free Willy!! And while everybody are looking up at poor Tommy, freezing at minus five degrees (minus five? Is that the correct data?), nobody is looking the bigger picture. Nobody is asking the obvious questions. Why did he do it? What is he doing now? and What will he do when he gets home? My bet is he`ll write a book. Which will turn into a bestseller. And he will create his own church in which he will claim the lord touched him on that mountain. And people will be amazed and in shock and will claim that Tommy is their messiah.

Do I have an opinion? I think it`s disguisting how he is manipulating everybody and everything. Suddenly, he is our greatest asset, our great big white hope. We must save him even if it means endagering everybody who will try and rescue him. On the other hand we have people literally dying of hunger and disease, we have poor and the needy but fuck them! Tommy! Tommy! Let`s save a schmuck who does not care about his family and his friends! He just wants to climb! If I was the person who would save him, the first thing I would do when we would get on solid ground, is to give him a good slap around the face. And then have him commited in a mental institution. Let him climb the walls if he feels like it.


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  1. maQmIgh

    This is not natural (not Paris nor Humar).
    People dying of diseases and starving to death is.
    My lightbulb went out with a flash last night. 🙁

  2. ill-advised

    I guess there’s no use arguing about matters of taste. I find Paris Hilton attractive precisely because of her non-attractive face. Her face deviates from the standards of beauty just enough to become interesting. Additionally, I like the fact that she is abominably wealthy and acts like a spoiled brat all the time. Most people can’t get away with that on a regular basis, and I’m glad for the ones that can. It’s one of the few reasons why I might possibly tolerate the existence of wealthy people; why I might, just might, refuse to support the introduction of a one hundred per cent tax on all income greater than mine (which I otherwise think would be a great idea).

    I’m not sure what’s wrong about a couple sharing the same first name. It’s unusual but why should it be of so much concern? I do agree that naming one’s daughter “Paris Hilton” sounds like an unfortunate pun and it strikes me as an insensitive thing of her parents to do. What is more, Paris is a male name, at least in Greek mythology, and it strikes me as odd that it should be given to a woman.

    As for Humar, I haven’t been following his efforts all that closely, but I don’t entirely understand what all the furore is about. OK, so he’s a mountain climber, a bit of an extremist perhaps, and he did a risky thing which didn’t work out as well as he had hoped for. But this is nothing new. Climbing expeditions into the Himalayas have failed before. All attempts to climb in that environment are fairly risky. His was perhaps slightly more risky than most others, but I don’t see that as a sufficient reason to criticise him so savagely. It also doesn’t strike me as unnatural that he should request help, and it seems to me the that the only decent thing to do is to try to help him (or any other climber in need of help; I don’t think they should all be forced to die if something goes wrong and they cannot save themselves). This doesn’t mean that the whole nation should hold its collective breath and pray for him to be delivered 🙂 but then it probably isn’t his fault that the people are making such a fuss over it — it’s the fault of the media and largely of the people themselves.

    Many people make the argument that the effort and expenses that will be spent to rescue him could be used to help various poor starving people who are in greater need of help than he. Indeed they could be used that way, but they wouldn’t be. It’s easy to say that money should be used to help the poor, but when the time comes to contribute to charitable causes, or to support higher taxes so that the government can use the money to help the poor, everyone suddenly proves highly unwilling and miserly and starts setting all sorts of conditions on how he thinks the money should be used and why indeed he thinks that it shouldn’t be used to help anyone at all.

    Neither do I agree with people who complain that Humar’s activities show him as not caring about his family and friends. His climbing is probably not a recent obsession of his; it must have been going on his entire life. Thus his friends, and quite probably his wife, knew what sort of person they were befriending. If they felt unable to face the thought that he might one day go climbing and not return alive, they shouldn’t have become his friends in the first place. If he has any children (I’m not sure but I think he does), the matter is, I admit, more problematic. But then he is not the only person who does risky things and has children nevertheless. Should e.g. firemen or airplane pilots be forbidden to have children, merely because they work in a risky occupation? I hope, of course, that he has a decent life insurance policy. Not having that would truly be uncaring on his part.

    I for one find it preferable that a person should pursue his dream and go climb in the mountains (even if he dies at a young age) rather than having him rot in an office eight hours a day, slaving away at some inane job that is not even worth doing and finally retiring after forty years of such pointless drudgery (and dying of a stroke or liver cyrrhosis some ten years or so afterwards). Perhaps indeed that is the reason why his cause has received so much sympathy in this country — all the worthless office drones and barflies who secretly despise themselves and their way of life are delighted to see that someone somewhere is doing something exciting, something that sets him apart from the herd, something that has at least the potential to look like an interesting achievement (albeit a pointless one).

    I don’t see why he shouldn’t write a book if he manages to return safely. Indeed it would be a very decent thing to do — let the public hear the full story from his point of view. If he manages to recover some of the expenses of his expedition that way, so much the better; but I doubt it; in a tiny market such as Slovenia, even a successful book rarely makes very much money.

    As for why he isn’t waiting for the monsoon to end, I don’t have the slightest idea, but my guess is that (a) either he has made arrangements to stay there for a certain amount of time only and cannot afford to wait long enough for the monsoon to end; or (b) he is perhaps concerned that some of these other climbers, who are waiting for the monsoon to end, could overtake him if he waits as long as they do. But I don’t really know, so this is all just my speculation.

  3. someone

    For first, Tomaž Humar is saved and on the ground.

    Now, you dont have an idea about climing, now it’s ste season for that more than any other time of year. You also dont know Tomaž Humar life story. all his life is climming, and if you would be smart you could google that out. second he had a terrible acident a few years ago, and he almost died. Doctors said, that he will never walk again, but look at him now! ok so he stucked in a moutian 6000m high, you cant just leave a man die there alone. true, that cost allot of money, that could be many food for the hungry people in Africa,… so what, you think, that money for his rescue would really go for that. then you are stupid. tsih money would stay with the rich people who gaved this money now, and never again. they dont care for hungry people that much, but now they gave the money.

    how would you feel, if you wuold be stucked somewhere, and your rescue would cost a ton of money, and the people would say, shit, let’s leave him there, and feed the homless. you would be werry happy i’m sure.
    man, you have small brains 2 think like that.

  4. Domen

    first of all, I asked the mountain rescue team of Kamnik and they all said Humar is crazy for going up in this time of year.

    second, just because he is climbing all of his life, it does not mean he has to act stupid and god-like, thinking he can do anything and everything and when things go bad for him, he calls the cavalry.

    third, I never said we should leave him up there. You are jumping the gun.

    fourth, I pity the people who need to be told to donate money for charity and are so fucking blind to not see the poverty around us.

    fifth, if I was Humar, and in a situation like him, I would feel embarassed. I would quit climbing, and try to make it up to people who worried and even prayed for me while I was realising that I started something that I could not finish.

    and sixth, since you are so smart and know everything, and I have such a small brain, how come my english is way better than yours?

  5. someone

    What did i say i know everything? man o man, dont start with that shit.

    if humar expedition would be sucsesull, nobody would say a word, the timing would be perfect, and he would be a nacional herro, but, some people like you think, dont know what, i you know what i dont give a shit what you think.
    and i dont care for my english, atleast i think like a normal person should, not you with all that crap you say. did you eer donate some money for gungry people?


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