For me, it`s always amusing to go and see an art exhibit. Especially if we are talking about the slovene modern art which carries ever higher level of amusement (for me). I do not know why, but I think it amuses me because I am surrounded with it and I get to see it more often than arts of other countries.

Fact no 1. – Slovene artists think sex is worth exploiting for art purposes. I do not know why is that exactly, I mean, sex is around since the beginning of time and is hardly “modern”, but it seems that artists are intrigued by it and are constantly using it in art. To me, that seems lazy. What better thing to use than something that`s been lying around forever and tape it, take photos of it or use it in some other form of art expression?

Yes my friends, the blob is a silicone boob. Rigged so that it can be used in some sort of interface. Don`t ask more. I am constantly amused at ideas these people have. It reminds me of Robin Williams who, when talking about the luge, said “Which drunken swiss gynecologist thought of that sport? Which guy went – I want to dress like a sperm…shove an ice skate up my ass…and go balls first down an ice shute! Ja! I zink that would be fun!

Due to the fact that my battery died on the exhibition the photo material is scarce, but please, feast your eyes on the piece d` resistance of the exhibit…the toothpicking horror!

Seriously, these types of artefacts displayed made me think that certain artists fell asleep and missed the deadline for the exhibit and then had to come up with something fast. And since the had the phone in the kitchen, they looked around and spotted the pack of toothpicks. And since they don`t pick/wash their teeth, they gave it to serve as the piece of art.

I kinda like this. Kinda. But let me ask you…are these really that important to be displayed on the “Best of 95-05” show? All over the place there were things that did not seem artsy at all. Seriously. This kitchenware, the fake boob, some metal put together, toothpicks and so fort. I must be one of the few that do not get “this type” of art. To me, art must either evoke some feelings of style or a feeling of pleasure/disgust. Evoking a mild WTF feeling is not that I would call art.

I wonder what these two were thinking of the whole room filled with nothing but a) body art b) pornographic movies or c) both.

I think the expression says it all 😉

All in all, something worth looking at, there are some highlights, especially in the photography and architecture department.

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