This day was E all over. It`s almost amazing how things fit and how everything is going according to the plan. It`s not that I am a “strictly by the book” guy. The plan is simply closing your eyes, thinking of things you need to do and want to do in the next 24 hours and then you just go out and…erm…do them.

First, the job interview. Now, I never had one of those. Jobs I did were usually jobs where people already knew I was the man for the job. I just came waltzing in. Well, not this time. This time it was a job interview with the boss sitting on one end of the desk and me sitting on the opposite side. They needed someone for a full time job. I was not their man. End of story. In the end, we “made a deal” and so I got to make money for four days. Nothing too stressful and I get paid by the hour. Good money too. So tomorrow morning at nine, I`ll be at my new job post. Hurray! (on the quiet grumbling side, this was an administrator job. And the guy wanted to hire someone who will be there eight hours per day. So if anybody is interested and has that amount of time…feel free to go and do your stuff).

Second thing was the paperwork for the new ID. Something that`s always fun. Especially if in front of you is a snotty thirty-something old guy who is talking on the phone and at the same time explaining something to the clerk. “You know, I lived in America since last year…” Who the fuck cares! Nevertheless, we got the job done, my new ID will be ready in a week and all is well. And it`s not true you don`t need it. There are some places where a person still has to have an ID. Student food stamps for example.

Third thing, the libraries. DVDs in, DVDs out. All there is to it.

Fourth, lunch and then a drag home. It seems that I forgot how to walk because by the time we got home, I was dead tired. She was dead tired. (Good) Food and walking will do that to a person. And if I can get a little BeeBee fragnance in here, my feet hurt cause my lil finger was squeezed under my ring finger and it bled. Nasty sight. Don`t expect a photo. Then we ***censored*** and ***censored*** until we both ***censored***.

And just before I drove her back home, we stopped at a supermarket. The plan was to get a bottle of water and wait till eight o`clock when the “happy hours” in here begin but then I spotted this. And remembered that Baya wished for one for a long time, since the one she had at home had a hole in it and was in serbo-croatian. So, an overall improvement. And her face shined like a million stars blended into one single sun.

All in all, a kick-ass day.

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