I love laughter. Honestly, there is nothing more appealing than to see people laugh. Giggling is good too. But it`s that laughter, when you can see a person almost moving around the place by sheer force of laughter. Pure joy.

However, I hate when people are laughing at the movies. First of all, movies are not THAT funny. Chuckling at the movies or laughing on the inside is good, but to roar with laughter is something completely different.

Murhpy kicked in yesterday and we got seated next to two couples who were apparently on their first date. Think sandals and white socks. Pop-corn and coke. You know…the worst kind.

These assholes laughed at everything. First I thought they were stoned or high on something but that was not the case. They were just…”easily amused“. This is the type of people that laughes when the haha-track comes up at series like Friends or Cheers! Not cause they think something is funny but because the others laugh. And seriously, they laughed at every single frigging thing. I half-expected them to laugh through credits. And this was not giggling…this was all sirens blaring laughter. And we were sitting next to them.

Damn Murphy.

Why does it bother me?

You see, humor is unlike any other characteristic of humans. Each and every one of us finds different things to be funny and it`s highly improbable that tastes of various persons match completely. There is, of course, a certain cultural common platform but still…humour is a thing of one personality.

Laughter is of course an expression. It can mean a lot of things and one of those things is that you find something funny. You. Not that something is funny. Just that you find something funny.

Sharing something funny with others is always a tricky business. The thing that you think is funny might offend someone. Might shock or disgust someone. Or might appear completely stupid.

Humor is also a matter of intelligence. Everybody does not “get it”. Everybody is not “in on it”. And quite frankly, some people just don`t “give a shit”.

Expressing your opinion of finding something funny should not be intrusive. And annoying. Come to think of it, it`s a lot like smoking. You can`t smoke everywhere, cause others might not agree with your way of…erm…killing yourself. And you cannot laugh like an asshole all over the place, thinking you are god. In society or in a public place, god is a madman.

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