It was a rush job, ok? I never did this before so excuse me for the lack of notification. Not that it matters, I was only gone for the weekend, plus if you read Bayaland you should have guessed.

We went by train which at first seemed like a really bad idea, my parents hoarding the car and everything but by the time we got back home, I am glad we did not went on four wheels. Weather and company do not know how to behave recently.

The whole weekend turned out to be a digest version of the vacation we took earlier. With one important exception…it was friggin cold. See below for proof

So we spent one day at the beach, freezing our nipples off (the water feels warm when you go in but feels icy cold the second you come out and want to go back in again), taking a walk to Isola and eating THE meal of the summer 2005 (gnocchi with mediterranian sauce and shrimps), laughing and kissing our asses off (almost literally) and enjoying in the general wonders of love (seriously, how many different ways to express the same thing 😉 ).

All in all, a very enjoyable weekend which only lacked sunrays and photo opportunities. We`ll get that (hopefully) in September.

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