Where do blogs go?


…after they are deleted?

This is a highly irrelevant subject. It`s a mere mental workout, something to ponder about in between work. This is my cigarette break. Call it whatever you like.

I remember “my” first blog that was deleted. It was a blog that spawned “The L Files” and that was responsible for my entry into the blogosphere. I remember doing a piece on slovene blogs on RTV for a show called Resnična resničnost (the real reality, an oximoron from virtual reality) only to realise that at that exact morning when we were supposed to shoot the thing, one of the blogs was missing. Instead, its address returned this well known screen.

True, blogs are private and owned by their bloggers. And true, people can do whatever they want with their property. However, it is my opinion that the second a comment is posted on a blog or a blog is linked to another blog, the level of privacy decreases. Your blog, at first an island in the sea of blogs, is now connected with other islands by means of a bridge. And deleting it (or blowing up an island if you will) could do irrepairable damage to the entire blogosphere.

Of course, some blogs deserve to be deleted. Blogs that are abandoned, empty shells floating around in the cyberspace (Hm, did somebody read too much of Gibson novels?) and are just crowding up the ocean. Blogs that are nothing but commercial crap. Blogs that have no greater meaning.

Some people even joke about it, saying that their blog will be deleted tomorrow while in fact they keep on writing and keeping the quality at a reasonable level at all times (and don`t give me that crap about tomorrow never comes, you hear? 😉 ).

The latest blog that was deleted in the slovene blogosphere was No Pasaran! It was a well known blog, mostly cause of the nude photos of the author. I guess at the age of thirty she realised that it`s time to move on and deleted the whole thing. Which is OK. She owns it. She can do whatever she likes with it.

And on the other hand, she`ll be missed. Like every good blog, hers was a constant stop (at least for me). I guess we are taking blogs for granted, the “delete” option not even considered. And when that option becomes reality, we are shocked. And surprised. If only just mildly. We start to think we know people whose blogs we read. That, eventhough we never met or talked, we still know them and are friends with them. And when disappear without prior notice, we feel…well, offended.

There should be some sort of archive option available. Some sort of condensed archive where blogs with a certain degree of meaning would go. So that the blogosphere would not feel the loss. Seeing how there`s more than enough crap to go around. Ah well…


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  1. ill-advised

    I agree whole-heartedly! I also feel a sense of loss and am mildly offended when a blog that I used to read regularly gets deleted. I haven’t noticed the disappearance of No Pasaran until now, but I’m sad to see it go. Not just because of the nude photos — they were few and far between anyway — but because of its uniqueness. None of the other blogs I used to read was nearly as outré as No Pasaran, or contained as many utterly weird things, things that I read with a sense of awe and silent wonder, thinking: “What the heck must be going on in the author’s head, that she was able to come up with ramblings as bizarre and eccentric as these?” The author seemed so completely and utterly different from anything I have ever encountered in my bland and stolid life, that I actually thought of reading that blog as a way to broaden my horizons, to better understand the great diversity of human nature and experience. I had a vague premonition a few weeks ago when she disabled comments that something might be about to happen, but nevertheless I didn’t expect that the deletion of the blog was quite so imminent. Ah well. Maybe it’s better that way. Better to burn out than to fade away, I guess.

  2. Dr. Kruegel

    You know, there have been the so-called personal home pages / websites around for at least 10 years or more. They are created, they stay, they change, they get deleted… nothing different from blogs. Some of them are still at http://web.archive.org/, some of them perhaps in some private storage “facilities”…

  3. peter

    I remember her deliberate yet so smart and funny effort to kick Bo out of his state – U know, after he dissapeared all of a sudden. Šhe must have had the same feelings that we, her readers, share now. She must have had some sense of siblog-scene to notice that, a sense of belonging…

    I’m taking her dissapearance somehow personally, because the very last comment at her blog, before she disabled them, was mine. Well, the very last was her reply…

    I sencerely hope her blog simply became obsolete for her, that she just doesn’t need it anymore, that she’s pulled through (remember, her blogs’ url contained “institutzapoblaznelo”).

    Good luck, anaiis!


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