This is weird. Sitting in the office, there`s a “computer guy” across the desk (don`t ask, there`s two of them and they act like they are fixing the USS Enterprise), there`s two more co-workers to the left of me and a secretary in the other room.

Problem is, I am out of work. I checked and re-checked everything I did in the past two days, fixed the errors, adjusted the contrast and brightness to the scans, copied them onto the office server and now I am waiting. Waiting for what?

Well, number one thing is backup. DVD burner is in the other room and the computer is busy so I have to wait.

*Fingers on the desk, gently tapping, gently rapping*

Number two thing is that I am paid by the hour. Self-explanatory.

And yet I am nervous. I wanna do stuff. Idling in the office is not my way of working. Especially when you are getting paid 4 EU/h.

So I day-dream. Second-best thing to do on the work-place.

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