They say you can never forget…


…how to ride a bike.

That is true. In a way.

I went on my first after-accident bike-run yesterday. Went by bike to work in the morning, parked it at Ljudmila (no, they don`t offer free bike parking, this is a perk) and after work, I went to get it, change into a biking outfit and on my way I was.

Felt good to be riding again, almost like a drug. The experience was a little crippled due to the fact that my mp3 player was out of juice and resting on the table at home but the overall feeling was great.

Except for one fact.

It felt…”weird”. At first I could not put my finger on it. Was it the bar? The seat? The gears shifting too noisily?
It did not matter at first but then it really started to annoy me. I almost considered stopping and checking the seat, but did not.

When I got there, I saw what the problem was.
My biking shorts were on backwards.


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  1. wolfgang & vincent

    ha! sounds frightening.
    p.s. i’m sure i checked your blog only a couple of days ago, and yet there seem to be a million new entries posted already. i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: PROLIFIC….


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