Thank you all for participating in showing me your most likable blogs. My blogroll was getting kind of dusty and I think it`s high time we do a little autumn cleaning. I know it`s usually spring cleaning but what the hell…it`s my blog and I do what I want to.

First off, let me take great pleasure in removing the Petite Anglaise from it. I know she has style, but she lost content. And reading over and over again about how first she is devastated cause boyfriend no. 1 left and then how thrilled she is that she found boyfriend no. 2 in a few days span…I mean really…get a grip on yourself! I also hate “the followers”, people who comment with nothing smart to say. WTF, is she running a church or something? I am seriously thinking about writing stupid comments under “meaningful” posts. “Get bent” or “Get blown” or something similar. Think about it. It`s like that joke where Hitler says “We are going to kill all the jews and a big-breasted blonde” and somebody asks “Why the blonde?” and Hitler says “See, nobody cares about the jews!” Don`t these people have a life? Puhleese.

Second blog to go is “Z Ljudmilo na kavi“. I know I wrote it but now it`s coming off. Don`t worry, something better and improved will be coming along shortly. Probably from October on. Stay tuned.

Third, Londonmark. I though the guy would write funny stuff. And update regulary. Sorry, but I`m a fast reader. Gimme stuff!

On the other hand, introducing…

abs_int – let`s just hope they never grow out of style. Cause they are direct, funny and brutal. The way life should be.
Bryan boy – you`re right. Baboosh! is what tipped the scale. – but only if he does a smudgie. Subject word “The L files”
Ill advised – there is something about it. Can`t put my finger on, but it`s there…

That is all.

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