…otherwise I`d bite my leg off yesterday.

You see, we went to the creative commons lecture. It was an opening lecture that will be given through-out Slovenia to introduce the creative commons licences and the differences that it brings. They said it`ll last for 45 minutes so we thought, what the hell. It`ll be fun. Plus I did some work on the project and I was curious of how far did they come since I left.

This was one of those opportunities where I ignored my gut feelings and listened to others. Never do that.

First of all, the lawyer (yeah, THE lawyer) who was giving the lecture was fifteen minutes late. WTF. If I was giving a lecture I`d be fifteen minutes early. But you know…I also drink lots of water instead of juice so what the hell do I know, right?

Second, there was even further delay (during which we were served a flash animation of CC) which was translated in slovene. Bad no. 3 – the voice that dubbed it swallowed words and mispronounced some of them.

Then the lecture began and it started with the ground work. The copyright and copyright laws. OK, fairly interesting except for the part that it had very little to do with the actual CC licensing. And the fact that it lasted for 35 minutes. “So how” you ask innocently “did the lawyer squeeze everything else in ten minutes time?” The answer is simple. “She did not” and “The lecture lasted for two hours“.

I don`t like when people are late for their own lecture. I don`t like when people tell you one thing and then do something completely different. And I don`t like when people are saying to me that I am deconcentrating them. Well, guess what lady, if you weren`t so friggin boring, I`d would not be deconcentrating you.

After an hour into the lecture, we finally get to hear the words “Creative commons“. Another funny fact – there was a powerpoint slide where all the licences were explained and she just read the slide off and said “Hm, I said nothing new, I just read the slide” and I snorted cause I thought that was meant as a joke. Apparently not, since she stared at me, saying “What`s so funny?“. Erm…cue laugh-track.

The fourth thing that I did not like was the energy of the lecture. Think lawyer. Think dead voice. Think theory. And then, when she had a chance to make it interesting and fresh, with examples (I particulary liked the one about the movie “Asphalt jungle”) she skips them like it was nothing, and plows into more legalese stuff. Fun shit if you`re a lawyer, plain shit if you`re not.

Fifth thing, it`s not a good sign when the person giving the lecture asks how much time is she/he talking. For fucks sake! That always sends a chilling sensation down my back. Didn`t you prepare? Did you not rehearse? The whole thing was boring and too long. 45 minutes into 2 hours is almost three-times over the clock.

Sixth thing, the debate after the lecture. Why is it that the only question comes from the guy that already knows everything? And why is it that every time the debate is between the two people who are just intellectually jacking off in front of others? Sheesh really. Get a life and move the fuck on!

Lesson learned – next time I won`t stay. I`ll set everything up and then get the hell out of Dodge. One time is one time too many.

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