It`s always sad when it happens. You see, I am a hard-core functionalist. Everything I own has a function in my universe. I am not one of those people who own things they don`t really need or own things that they do not know how to put them in good use. So when something died or breaks, it`s usually a problem. Redundancy? Naah.

The last of the fallen is my mp3 player. I got it almost exactly a year ago, for my birthday. And it worked fine until the accident. I guess every thing has it`s breaking point (Shawnshank redemption). It finally died today. It was a good way to go. It worked fine two days ago, yesterday half of the files did not play and today everything else went down the drain. So it`s bye bye Canyon, hello…erm…what? I was thinking about getting an iPod. A blue one. That`s as far as my specification go so far. If any of you fancy iPod owners have any tips for a newbie, please post them in comments. And think function. No fancy crap. Just the facts, Jack.

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