OK seriously…people suck at IT things. It`s like walking into a kitchen and bother the cook if he can make the water boil faster (technically, that`s possible. But it includes a trip to the himalayas).

After scanning the living crap out of those old archived magazines it was time to print them. Go figure, huh? TIFF files are big as shit and so we made a cute little (erm, not exactly but still…) .pdf document to print multiple pages at once. The printer was across the building and I guess it was one of those S.U.C.K.Y (specially united crappy knife yodel) edition cause the moment you send over a 10 MB pdf it just went…blank. And then needed half an hour to recover from the shock. So we tried to minimize the file size. Finally we did a tiff –> jpg –> pdf and even then managed to print only one tenth of all the material. The fun just never stops. Included were the words of pester by the guy who shared an office with the printer and took great pain in explaining to me how the printer disturbs him at his work. A. R. G. H.

This is what I call zen practice. Seriously. You go inside your cave and find your power animal. And you play with it until the storm is over and the “make it go faster!” guy leaves.

Rethorical question – why do people think that pestering other people about a thing that is totally out of anybodies control will make it go faster?

(Sub)rethorical question – is killing a person in such a situation considered a self-defence?

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