Month: August 2005

Thank god I don`t have razor sharp teeth…

…otherwise I`d bite my leg off yesterday. You see, we went to the creative commons lecture. It was an opening lecture that will be given through-out Slovenia to introduce the creative commons licences and the differences that it brings. They said it`ll last for 45 minutes so we thought, what […]

And then she said…

Not me: So, you study journalism… Me: Yeah, only two more years to go. Not me: Do you like it? Me: Naah…it`s boring, but we might as well finish it now… Not me: Boring? Why? Me: It has very little to do with the actual journalism… Not me: Is Manca […]


This is weird. Sitting in the office, there`s a “computer guy” across the desk (don`t ask, there`s two of them and they act like they are fixing the USS Enterprise), there`s two more co-workers to the left of me and a secretary in the other room. Problem is, I am […]

They say you can never forget…

…how to ride a bike. That is true. In a way. I went on my first after-accident bike-run yesterday. Went by bike to work in the morning, parked it at Ljudmila (no, they don`t offer free bike parking, this is a perk) and after work, I went to get it, […]

Mon dieu!

From: charlse soludo Reply-To: charlse soludo To: Date: Aug 25, 2005 3:17 AM FROM THE DESK OF THE EXECUTIVE GOVERNOR CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA. PROF.CHARLES SOLUDO ATTN:Please, YOUR IMMEDIATE OVER DUE CONTRACT PAYMENT. From the records of outstanding contractors due for payment with the federal government of Nigeria your […]

Re: Klemen

This is a reply to Klemen`s comment. Due to the fact that this is a topic that concerns Slovene language, I will write my reply in Slovene. I hope that won`t present too much of a problem. — Najprej se ti zahvaljujem za komentar. Vedno imam rad, če ljudje razmišljajo […]

Game: ON

OK, since I need some new blogs to implement my blogroll with, I want you, my faithful reader or my causal-came-through-greek-pussy-query-word-on-google-asian-pervert to give me your best blog you came across and are reading it on a regular basis. It`s simple, just paste the url in the comment box and no […]

Blog is…?

The language is one of the more complex areas of human communication. The problem of the recent era is that globalisation is making us adopt names from the place where the thing with that name originates. There is not other word for prekmurska gibanica, because prekmurska gibanica (think cake) originates […]

So why the fuck…?

did they shoot him then if, according to the police “Menezes used a ticket to enter, had not jumped a turnstile and was not wearing a padded jacket that could have concealed a bomb.” Mind you, this is a six bullets in the head, one in the arm shooting incident […]