Month: August 2005

Paris, Humar and the lot.

What do Paris Hilton and Tomaž Humar have in common? Well, several things, but the one that wins the number one place is that they are both idiots. Allow me to elaborate. I gather you saw this. And this. Am I the only one who thinks the fat guy works […]

query words revolutions

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Give me an A…

(remind me never to shut down firefox while one of the tabs contains a half-written blog post) …give me an S, give me an S, give me an H, O, L, E! What does that spell?? They are literally everywhere. There ought to be a law that would forbid these […]

That`s all folks!

Bugs Bunny! You scored 0 Aggression, 71 Sophistication, and 71 Optimism! You have all the sophistication and charm one would expect from such a high-class hare. Very upbeat and generally laid-back, you are remarkably calm and peaceful even in the midst of the most stressful of situations. On those rare […]


So, this is what I`d call a resting period. You rest from the things of the past and prepare for the things of the future. More precisely, camping. I was always more of a boy-scout than a hotel man myself, partially because it was more convenient and of course cheaper. […]