Month: August 2005

She sleeps…

and her hair is all messed up. Her eyes move under her eyelids and I can hear her breathe. She moves from time to time, in that dreamscape of hers and as she does, her body is moving along. I kiss her and her skin feels warm to the touch. […]

Word – How many? – fixed

Since Baya is sleeping and told me not to wake her up until eleven (alas, I did, since the post-it note was under my phone and my phone was on the table, nowhere close to the bed), maybe it`s time to get on with our schooling project. So for today, […]

Broke it again, did you?

There`s only one way and that`s up when it comes to stats. The only problem is the time frame. So let`s see, I needed almost half a year to come from zero to a hero, sorry, 10.000 and only 3 months to duplicate the number. Of course, I could not […]