Month: September 2005

Fever pitch

I was never much of a football fan. Spending 90+ minutes in front of the TV (juck) watching sweaty guys (yuck) chasing a ball in the mud (yuck) is not my idea of having a good time. However, in the year 2000, I did watch Slovenia on its way to […]

If you are reading this…

something went wrong apparently. Nothing too critical, we are both OK, although Baya is recovering from a slight virus infection and is right now sleeping in her warm bed. What went wrong is the fact that it is nine o`clock in the morning and I am alone in this room, […]


This site is on hiatus till the first of october. Hope your holidays turn out as good as mine did and I`ll see you all in skool!

Analysis of a defeat

According to the official data, the law that enables politics to actively and directly influence the national public television is going to be enforced. Great. Hurray for tooth decay and all that. The problem I am having is attendance. 30% for a referendum is not exactly the figure I am […]

Sea-run imminent!

I just hope this Sunday passes quickly and painlessly. They did say that they will leave at one o’clock which gives me plenty of time to go cast my vote, go home, take a bath, pack my bags and tomorrow head out to the sea-side. Yes, the sea-side. It’s actually […]

Batman begins

When I was a kid, he was one of my favourite superheroes. No other (super-, spider-…) man could take his place. I guess it was all Tim Burton’s fault, directing the first Batman movie. There was Batman series before it but you could not take them seriously. Not after you […]


The word of the day is hexenschuss. I do not know which friggin hex schussed me, but here we are. It so funny when you try to get out of bed and discover that you just lost that ability. And that you are lying face down, thinking “Oh. That really […]


I guess it`s expansion, but I realised that maybe books deserve their own place. Much like the movies which will now perform under the categorie d`capitol “Review central”, which will be divided into two subs. I hope this does not bring too much problems into the whole “L files” scheme. […]