This post is full of stereotypes and macho-bullshit. Please turn away and be patient for the next five minutes. Thank you.

Every year the people decide which of the girls living in a certain area is the prettiest and they send her off to compete in the Miss Slovenia competition, where she can display her intelectual as well as physical charms. And every year, we are shocked by the selection. It is almost like the jury that picked them out were drunk, stoned, blind or all three.

Seeing photos like this one, this one or this one made me think for a moment that this is not the Miss Slovenia 2005 contest but rather Miss Anorexia contest, Miss titless contest or Miss Oldie but goldie contest.

What I don`t understand is that these “women” do not fit the general biological criteria of a woman. A woman is suppose to have wide hips. A woman is suppose to have breasts (you know, extruding from her upper chest, not protruding into it). A woman is suppose to have at least some degree of fat on her body. Unlike this photo where the poor girl is sucking in not only fat but also skin and muscle tissue. Yes, that is a rib.

What`s even more shocking is that all these girls look alike. It`s horrible. It`s like the whole Slovenija can produce only and nothing but one type of girls which then go on competing for the title of Miss Slovenia, unaware that they are so alike that the only thing that differs them from one another is the color of their bras.

I can only conclude that the Miss Slovenia contest is not a display of country beauty (for one reason, where the hell is Baya???) but is more of a contest for the ego-boosting. Seeing how most of them are students and only one is a dentist (go figure, huh?) this is turning more and more into a “I just don`t know what to do with myself so I think I`ll just go and say things like I am all for world peace” type of show where you are the winner only when you ignore everything and do something more useful/better/nicer instead. Seeking out true beauty which right now is sitting next to me, reading a book.

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