Make sure your parents are on the same page when you try something like this. I went through a conversation with both of my parents telling me how stupid I was to reveal personal information to the nigerian mafia (which I never did). That they will track me down (using god knows what technics) and “since this was the first time you were messing with them, maybe just break your arm“. They told me that they will send these mails to the police and that maybe they can knock some sense into me.

I tried to reason with them and explaining to them that as long as you do not send any personal or vital information, there is no way they can, according to their words “track me down” but I guess the point did not come across.

Another thing that surprised me is that they referred to Baya as “that friend“. No name, no nothing, just “that friend“. It saddens me more than it angers me as I see no reason for them treating her the way they do.

The whole thing with the nigerian scammers brought up a completely different problem. That they do not trust me. That they do not think I am capable of using my own brain. And that they think they know best.

It saddens me because there is nothing I can do, there is nothing I can say that will make the thing better. Here I was, trying to keep everything in order and to keep everybody satisfied but in reality, you can only keep one side happy. And it really comes down to either me or them. Simple as that. And the worst part of it is the fact that they either a) don`t see the need or b) don`t want to talk about it. Either way, there is nothing I can do.

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