Dear Savic,
Thanks for your mail and your interest to help me in this transaction, I want to let you know that I have put in place all the necessary arrangement for a very smooth and a successful transaction all that is left is you following the steps I have laid for this deal for us to secure this fund within few days.

I made this fund in my branch (Takoradi) and I deposited it in our head office for easy transfer in an ESCROW CALL ACCOUNT with no beneficiary, so now you have to contact our head office in Accra requesting them to close down your account and transfer your fund to your country as I have already informed my contact in the head office make you the benefactor to the account. I will provide you with all the necessary information.

Knowing quite well that I am still in service with Barclays bank you should in no way mention my name to anybody in our head office until you confirm this fund in your account. I am doing this deal because I want to improve my standard of living and also you are going to benefit from the funds.

Sir, I promise to be honest and truthful to you and at the same time I expect you to treat me accordingly. You must be aware that I have a partner (a computer programmer) in this deal in our head office who also has a share in this deal that is why I am offering you 30% and I hope you are ok with the percentage I offered you .For your information this transaction is risk free and it is a legal transaction approved by the Government of any country because it will be a normal bank to bank transfer.

Finally I need your strong assurance that my part of the fund will be kept intact for me upon my arrival to meet you because once this fund is confirmed in your account I will take a vacation leave to come and meet you for the sharing of the fund and investment discussions.
My contact address is 54 Achimota residential Tokoradi, Accra. Ghana and my phone number is 233 243331032.I will be waiting for your urgent reply because I have few days to secure this fund based on the arrangement I have.

Thanks and God bless you and your family.

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