One hour photo(s)


There you go, Novala.


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  1. maQmIgh

    Let me guess, you had your little camera dangling on it’s little piece of string around your neck and when the shutter button hit your chest it went off? 😉
    You could at least try and get it closer to the old photo. 🙂

  2. cookie

    i did try. But there were trees, buses and a huge truck from Austria in the way. I swear. The delivery truck for Bosch store stopped right in front of me, blocking me from making a decent shot.

    You can always do one better urself 😛

  3. maQmIgh

    If my camera still works.

    I somehow managed to get my left foot caught in its neck strap, while putting on shoes yesterday; just as I was about to put on the other shoe… I put my foot down and the camera flew off the desk and landed directly on the lens cap. The casing opened a little, but nothing seems to be broken. It powered on alright, hope it takes photos, too. :/

  4. cookie

    auch. and for your info…it`s called action photography 😀

    and I did check the photo, but for me to make the same shot, I would have to go inside and to the second or maybe even third floor.

    Grissom style – That shot was not made from the ground – grissom style

  5. novala

    This building is so run down. Whenever I pass it I am afraid going to fall on my head. Inside it’s not that bad, though. At least the Finance offices look fine.


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