Amazing how some days are simply packed with things to do. It`s even more amazing how many things can fit into a single day and yet you are left with enough time to spare. Time and energy.

After the lecture, which began at nine in the morning I went to Ljudmila. The funny thing was that I could not remember why I had to go there. And when I came there, the first thing I asked was “Why am I here?“, which is always a good question at a work place.

I broke in my new sneakers and they repaid me by giving me a blister. Saw another bike accident (the driver did not stop either). Why not is beyond me. This time I did not bother to call the cops cause the damage was not so bad and beside I was in a hurry. You cannot win them all.

Went to Baya, stayed there till she went to work. Would not mind staying longer but I am going shopping tomorrow morning and she`s working anyway so I might as well get something done too. If the weekend turns out to be as effective as today, I just might retire! 😉

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