we`d come back to friday tomorrow. Seriously, this depressing weather is not helping one bit. Not that it`s bringing me down or anything, but there is nothing you can do if it`s raining 24/7 (actually 24/2 but you get the point).

I won`t entertain you with boring facts about how I cleaned my room and helped painting the house, because seriously…what is there to tell? The walls are whiter. That`s it. End of story.

I watched three seasons of Seinfeld and I noticed the weirdest thing. The cast laughs at their own jokes. It`s so annoying. They are suppose to be serious, but they are wear that wide-mouthed grin before the punch line has been delievered. I mean come on! At least wait for the cue card “Laughter” comes up, like the audience does. Ah well, it`s still better than watching television.

By the way, I hope you will all go out and vote your ass off next week. At least those of you who live in Slovenia and are old enough to vote. Cause seriously, you don`t have to watch TV to decide whether or not TV should be public or controlled by the state. It`s so funny watching the opposite parties trying to convince the voters. The “con” side is using the “TV should remain free” argument while the “pro” side is using “TV subscription fee will be lower“. Which really does not make much sense except for some voters who only have money on their minds. And at the same time, nobody is asking the obvious question: “How the hell are they going to make it cheaper?

The answer is not blowing in the wind, rather it lies in the fact that (good) stuff costs money. So by removing some of the stuff, they will be able to lower the fee. Simple as that. Instead of three movies per week, you`ll get one. Which will last for five hours, cause they`ll stick three hours of commericals into a two-hour movie. Fun shit really.

And people are not seeing the bigger picture. This is not about television. Nobody cares about television. What the political parties are doing with such referendums is measure their own popularity. They propose something and they put it to a vote. The proposal is usually absurd and yet every time you find some people who are willing to vote for it. Like for voting against the right for a single woman to get pregnant with artificial insemination. Or keeping the stores closed on sunday. Or taking a public television to the arms of politics.

It should be fun to see how everything turns out. Money is a powerful factor in Slovenia and people will jump at anything, just as long as you tell them it`ll be cheaper. Nothing else matters, as long as it`s cheap. So why bother with quality, right?


Depeche mode cancelled.

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