There is a virus that haunts this country. It is everywhere, in our food, water, air and land. We are FUBAR.

The last indicator of this virus is the birth of a new sleazy magazine in Slovenia. An act which I fully support because Slovenia has very low media diversity and we should welcome any attempt to bring a new newspaper to life.

Just this morning I was listening to the radio and they had a “Person of the week” show going on. You know, they nominate three names and people vote by phone. Bojan Požar, the journalist who is behind the Direkt was one of those three persons.

It always amazes me, not what people do, but how other people react. Common people. Everyday Joe and Jane. This one caller ranted about Požar and his newspaper for three solid minutes and when the DJ asked her if she bought the newspaper she said “Well, of course!

Ahem. I rest my case.

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