That I am. Of course it depends on the situation, but in general, the majority of the work is done in the morning. Problem is, nobody is up this early into the day so things have to be postponed. But nevertheless, since when I was a kid, I was always up early, ready to go up and at them while the others slept in. I guess my energy level peaks in the morning.

The only problem is that mornings are usually the times when my brain is operating at 80% at best. The situation is similar to that in the movie Memento, where a guy has short-term memory loss and has to write an obscene amount of notes to keep everything in order.

Something like that happens to me, but not because I forget, but because I cannot remember. There is a fine line between those two.

I guess I do not want to bother my brain too much with the mundane stuff like the deadlines for returning books to the library, remembering phone-numbers and stuff like that. And rather treat them with a good book (oh, speaking of which, “That old ace in the hole” by Annie Proulx
is the worst book I have ever read – it sucks on so many levels I`ll have to do a complete post just about it
) or something similar. Dates are not for the brain. They are for the paper.

It helps if you plan. Think ahead. Prepare (if only just a little) for the things in advance. It does not hurt. And you can do something else in between.

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