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Moving on…

The weather is definitely moving from summery into the autumny. Which spells rain, cold and lesser daylight. It`s seven o`clock and already I am staring into the dusky exterior, street lights turning on while the night draws near.

As the R.E.M. eat through a long playlist compiled solely out of their songs, I wonder.

I wonder about the work I have to do tomorrow and through-out the weekend. Babysitting. Which gives out plenty of time to think and do stuff while you are overseeing people doing their stuff. Let`s just hope this bunch will be smart and self-maintaining. They are usually not.

I wonder about the next week, what`s the weather will be like and will we be able to get the last taste of the summer, catch the last sea-side sun-ray before I am off to the faculty and she is off doing useful things in the field of e-democracy in Slovenia.

I wonder about the past. A year almost passed. Looking back, reflecting, it seems that there is a big black hole where the past should be. Reading my previous posts from this time a year before do not reveal anything. Makes you think about the usefulness of it. My memory fails to produce the whole picture. Fragments emerge, carrying pain and sadness, passivity and boredom, attempts and failures.

The reason I am contemplating this right now is because of the time. It`s that time of the year. And maybe, just maybe this is a periodic thing. Because everything will come back. Sure things and people changed, but did I?

I do not miss those times. Not a single thing from the past crosses my mind as I run into the future, making a brief stop at the present. I am not melancholic about it. If anything I am happy to be on my way. Happy to see myself on the move.

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