There is something about them I cannot put my finger on. Ever since I was little, I loved books. Well, that`s not true. In the very beginning, I hated reading. I argued when it was time to read. And I always read the exact amount upon we previously agreed (if the deal was three pages a day and the last sentence ended on page 4, I refused to read it in whole). And then all of the sudden, the trend changed and I read as much as possible. And I still do that.

I buy books in waves. I do not go out and pick a particular book, but sort of browse and see what will catch my eye this time. I think it`s better than to go out with a particular book in mind and when the bookstore does not have it go home empty hand.

Right now, the following books are on my hit-list:

  • Salman Rushide – The satanic verses (a free fatwa included)
  • Nick Hornby – High fidelity
  • Nick Hornby – Fever pitch
  • Nick Hornby – About a boy
  • Marquis De Sade – 120 days of Sodome and Gomore
  • Robert Ludlum – Bourne trilogy

I still have a few pages of the “That ace in the hole” which I am reading just so I can say that I did read it whole despite the fact that it sucks so much I am thinking of using it as a vacuum cleaner. It`ll probably do a great job.

Every book has its reason for picking it up. I got interested in de Sade when watching Quills. An excellent movie, Geoffrey Rush did an excellent job portraying this famous rebel and I`ve been eyeballing the book for (literally) several years.

Rushie is one of the authors I kept hearing about but I never actually read anything written by him. My first Rushie book was “Fury” which turned out to be written in black comedy style. I am not expecting anything from the “Satanic Verses”, I guess I am just wondering what all the hubub is all about.

I got interested in Hornby after seeing “High Fidelity” where John Cusak got my attention. Although other two book were also transported to film, starring Hugh Grant (euch), I am still highly optimistic about the threesome.

Ludlum is an oldie but goldie. He is the (grand)father of the genre which lately spawned authors like Dan Brown. I got it for two reasons. One cause it`s got all three parts from the Bourne trilogy binded into one book and two cause I`ll give it to Baya. Expanding her horizons 😉

What are you reading?

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