According to the official data, the law that enables politics to actively and directly influence the national public television is going to be enforced. Great. Hurray for tooth decay and all that.

The problem I am having is attendance. 30% for a referendum is not exactly the figure I am looking for. In fact, it`s way low. Waaaayy low. This figure means that a person in Slovenia is responsible for the three other people. One person makes up its mind and three people have to respect that. Which is stupid and irresponsible.

The Slovene do not like to vote. In general, only the referendums for the independence and the EU/NATO are the true referendums, with attendance shooting up to 60, 70 and 90% of the voting populations. Others are squirming in the back, with attendance being 20, 30 and 35%.

Why exactly is that? Baya is debating the e-democracy, but that is “just” a tool. Which is only step two. Step one however is a quality leap that every person has to do for itself. We have to be aware that what we are doing, changes the future. That we are responsible. And that saying that nothing will ever change is irresponsible and dumb. Really dumb. I think coyote votes. And he is not the brightest peeble on the beach.

I know people have better things to do, but come on! this is not exactly the operation of a heart. It lasts for less than ten minutes for you to get your ass down there and cast vote. And yet, people refuse to do so. They stay away from the voting booths, doing god knows what.

I vote. Every single time. Because I believe that only with active participation, the democracy can work. Staying home does not help one bit.

And now, I`ll go powder my nose and be on my way. See you on the (hopefully) sunny sea-side!

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