That old ace in the hole

23.09.2005  •  Books0

I never did this in my whole life. Ever. This is the first time in a quarter of a century that I stopped reading a book in the middle of it. Why? Because “That old ace in the hole” is nothing short of “That old shit in the paperback edition”. Allow me to elaborate. The


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There is something about them I cannot put my finger on. Ever since I was little, I loved books. Well, that`s not true. In the very beginning, I hated reading. I argued when it was time to read. And I always read the exact amount upon we previously agreed (if the deal was three pages

(thanks Tilen!)

Right now, there are two types of mornings. Type number 1 usually starts with opening my eyes and looking onto the right. Seeing her face, fast asleep, her forehead wriggling through the dreamland, her breathing calm and shallow. The air in the room is hot and through the closed doors I can hear people moving

Ah well. Exporting posts from Blogger to WordPress is far from perfect and easy-to-use. If anybody has any experience in the field, please let me know how to make the exportation as painless as possible. Because this sucks serious cocks. Moving on… The weather is definitely moving from summery into the autumny. Which spells rain,

Train ride

19.09.2005  •  Osebno1

Six o`clock, on a train heading for Domžale. The train was packed, mostly young people (I know, I know, but seriously…they were even younger) and I ended up eavesdropping on three different conversations at once. And it was better than listening to music. The language, the words, the energy. I guess it was a long


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This article. This paragraph: “Internetni gigant Google je predstavil beta različico orodja Blog Search, ki se nahaja na spletnem naslovu in je namenjeno iskanju po vedno bolj priljubljenih spletnih dnevnikih oziroma tako imenovanih blogih.” These words: “…priljubljenih spletnih dnevnikih oziroma tako imenovanih blogih.” Isn`t that the other way around?

There is a virus that haunts this country. It is everywhere, in our food, water, air and land. We are FUBAR. The last indicator of this virus is the birth of a new sleazy magazine in Slovenia. An act which I fully support because Slovenia has very low media diversity and we should welcome any

That I am. Of course it depends on the situation, but in general, the majority of the work is done in the morning. Problem is, nobody is up this early into the day so things have to be postponed. But nevertheless, since when I was a kid, I was always up early, ready to go