we`d come back to friday tomorrow. Seriously, this depressing weather is not helping one bit. Not that it`s bringing me down or anything, but there is nothing you can do if it`s raining 24/7 (actually 24/2 but you get the point). I won`t entertain you with boring facts about how I cleaned my room and

Ja, sam ta je Slovenc, ne Štajerc! — Yeah, but he`s Slovene, not Styrian!


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Tip išče po svojih žepih, najde bombon in vpraša punco: “Ti ga dam v usta?” — Guy fumbles through his pockets, finds a candy and asks a girl standing next to him: “Wannit in your mouth?“

A “full-house” day

16.09.2005  •  Osebno0

Amazing how some days are simply packed with things to do. It`s even more amazing how many things can fit into a single day and yet you are left with enough time to spare. Time and energy. After the lecture, which began at nine in the morning I went to Ljudmila. The funny thing was

Panorama photo!


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It went as expected. Fucking fabolous! Impressions: The crowd was smart and eager to learn. Always a plus. The stuff worked. Did not have to use a backup plan, since the CD worked like a charm. No overhead transparency problems 😛 The lecture lasted for almost three hours. At the end we agreed to have


15.09.2005  •  Osebno4

first i was afraid i was petrified that the connection will be down tomorrow for some weird reason, so I burned the powerpoint presentation on a cd to take it with me after some consideration i came up with the idea that the cd could “go bad” so I emailed it. To two different accounts.


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and tired. Finished preparing material for the lecture tomorrow, miscalculated the expenses but it all turned out ok in the end. All I have to do now is deliver it tomorrow morning at 9. Piece of cake.

One hour photo(s)

13.09.2005  •  Osebno7

There you go, Novala.

now THIS is good!

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This is what I have been doing (or helping do) today. Who knows, maybe some day a book will emerge! ps – The real work was done by master Čiro. May he live long and prosper!