Busy day

11.09.2005  •  Osebno1

Sort of. My parents started using email to communicating with me. I do not know if that`s a good or a bad thing. I am leaning towards the good thing since mails are cool. And they don`t repeat themselves. The bad thing is the stuff they write in it. Makes me think that they are

Photo friday – Massive

09.09.2005  •  Osebno1

…and number 6…

08.09.2005  •  Osebno1

Make sure your parents are on the same page when you try something like this. I went through a conversation with both of my parents telling me how stupid I was to reveal personal information to the nigerian mafia (which I never did). That they will track me down (using god knows what technics) and

This has been a lesson in internet safety. We can learn several things from it. Number 1 – most of this scammers come from far away countries like Ghana, Nigeria and such. The reason is because people are usually not aware of the current political situation in those countries which gives the scammers a significant

Dear xxx, Now I want you to rewrite this application letter below and send it to the bank so that we can commence the transfer at once. I will later send you the deposit slip which you are suppose to send to the bank immediately, the bank number is 233 277742393 and fax 233 277900017

Dear Addo, you have my utmost assurance that I will treat you and your computer programmer as two equal partners in this matter and will leave your and his share of the money intact and wait for you to come and meet me. I will not mention your name to anybody, especially not the people

Dear Savic, Thanks for your mail and your interest to help me in this transaction, I want to let you know that I have put in place all the necessary arrangement for a very smooth and a successful transaction all that is left is you following the steps I have laid for this deal for

— Disclaimer: This post is full of stereotypes and macho-bullshit. Please turn away and be patient for the next five minutes. Thank you. — Every year the people decide which of the girls living in a certain area is the prettiest and they send her off to compete in the Miss Slovenia competition, where she