Month: October 2005

House, no, a country of wax

The day of the dead is upon us. No, don`t worry, they shan`t riseth from their earthly coils…we are just paying a visit to them. The dead. They are busy pushing up dasies while we elected a special day to remember them. Strike one – If people are worth remembering, […]

The lost art of applauding

It`s just something I noticed recently I guess, with all the seminars and oral presentations going on on the faculty. And every single time, people applauded in the end. OK, here`s what has to say about applause. 1. Approval expressed especially by the clapping of hands. 2. Praise; commendation: […]

50% off on dusk and dawn

A: Kočo bomo najeli. Za pet jurjev. B: A to na dan al na noč? — A: We`re renting a cabin. For five grands. B: Is that per day or per night?

Is he a dolphin?

Ne maram njegovega avta vozit, ker si moram nastavit sedež in ogledalo in potem traja, da si on to vse nazaj naštima. — I don`t like to drive his car cause I change the seat position and the mirrors and it takes him ages to get it back right.

Ideal guy

(taken from …) These lists are fun. Number one, people often comprise them with stuff they do not know anything about. This is sort of like going “OK, I know this, this and this and I don`t like any of them. So I`ll go with this which I never experienced […]

The tale of two sisters

Bringing what appears to be the month of horrors (Dark water, Amityville horror and Taking lives) is The tale of two sisters, brought to you by the Korean director Ji-woon Kim. I already said it and let me repeat it again, japanese cinematography confuses me. The pace is much slower […]