The day of the dead is upon us. No, don`t worry, they shan`t riseth from their earthly coils…we are just paying a visit to them. The dead. They are busy pushing up dasies while we elected a special day to remember them. Strike one – If people are worth remembering, you will remember them. If

Photo Friday – Delicate

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It`s just something I noticed recently I guess, with all the seminars and oral presentations going on on the faculty. And every single time, people applauded in the end. OK, here`s what has to say about applause. 1. Approval expressed especially by the clapping of hands. 2. Praise; commendation: a scientific discovery that won

A: Kočo bomo najeli. Za pet jurjev. B: A to na dan al na noč? — A: We`re renting a cabin. For five grands. B: Is that per day or per night?

Ne maram njegovega avta vozit, ker si moram nastavit sedež in ogledalo in potem traja, da si on to vse nazaj naštima. — I don`t like to drive his car cause I change the seat position and the mirrors and it takes him ages to get it back right.

United colors of autumn

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Ideal guy

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(taken from …) These lists are fun. Number one, people often comprise them with stuff they do not know anything about. This is sort of like going “OK, I know this, this and this and I don`t like any of them. So I`ll go with this which I never experienced and see what happens. Let`s

Bringing what appears to be the month of horrors (Dark water, Amityville horror and Taking lives) is The tale of two sisters, brought to you by the Korean director Ji-woon Kim. I already said it and let me repeat it again, japanese cinematography confuses me. The pace is much slower and the fact that all

Miss Piggy stunt double

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