Wrapping up the hornby trio is the book I dread to pick up because the movie featuring the book had Hugh Grant in main role. I hate him. And I was afraid that the book will leave a similar bad aftertaste.

How wrong I was. This is Hornby we are talking about, the new weapon of choice. Another classic story about a guy who is still a kid inside, leaping from one woman to the next until he meets…

The language is colorful, the material is good and manages to keep the quality up through-out the whole book, ending on a positive note. The man who is actually a boy and a boy who is more of a man duo play nicely, with the supporting cast of mothers, lovers and divorcee. Even the suicide scene and the after-math is dealt with nicely, without any overt moralisation. Just like the thing should be dealt with. I don`t need five pages of “Why did she do it?” moaning.

The book also intersects with the High fidelity and Fever Pitch as people are talking about Arsenal and the store Championship Vinyl, which wraps the trilogy up nicely. It one of those books, as Baya said, that makes you feel sad when you finish it. And on the other hand makes you want to write to the author, pushing him to write more. More!

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