…would be the interpretation of a famous “drugs, sex and rock`n`roll” slogan which captivates the end of the summer for me and Baya.

I guess it`s only normal to end it with a crash, a complete reboot of the system and then emerge from the ashes and enter yet another year of skooling.

The weather was acting up, and yet we did manage to catch the last rays of the sun, before we sunk back into the foggy city that is Ljubljana.

Being sick at the sea-side is an amazing experience and I cannot emphesise enough how I wish everybody would experience at least once in their life-time.

We mostly got high on love, juice and books, therefor the title of this post. It was more fun than being sick on my own. There is something about having her there, eventhough your nose is full of phlegm and your ear hurts. In sickness and in health…

Windy would be the top characteristic that would describe the sea-side in autumn time. And although we sometimes felt like the piglet from a well-known story, it was still loads of fun.

We both read tons of book (under tons see six) and wasted vast amounts of juices (different kinds).

All in all, a perfect conclusion of the summer. And not a moment too soon.

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