(slovene translation – Dekle iz Šanghaja)

First thing that caught my eye when I glanced at this book was the notice that this book is forbidden in China. I know that they forbidd a lot of stuff and that some restrictions are proposterous, but I agree with this one. This is a book that should be forbidden not only in China but through-out the world.

The story is simple (as always) and depicts a love triangle between a girl and two guys, one of them a chinese boy and the other one a german (sheesh) tourist. While the chinese guy is keeping her satisfied spiritually and does not know a first thing about sex the german tourist (sheesh) is keeping her happy in the garden of earthly delights, while she is trying to discover who she really is.

If the word “Emmanuelle” crosses your mind, you are not far from the truth. This book also depicts sexual intercourse that penetrates the woman`s womb (seriously, does not anybody take biology classes these days??), fifteen inch cocks (so that is where they got the idea) and other biological impossibilities that made me hum the Marilyn Manson song “Freak show“.

Book that does not know what to say or how to say it, nor does it know where does it want to go. It ends with a question, so boring and so inconclusive that it seemed like the author was a fifteen year old girl, writting her first school essay, thinking she is being clever by using a lot of question marks and including descriptions of sexual intercourse. Puh-leezee!

If you want my advice, skip this and move on to the next book on the menu. This one is just not worth the bother. Chinese forbidden author or no.

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