First day of skool


…is tomorrow. Funny shit really. This is one of those “informational technology miracles” situation, where stuff is put on the web, but is so hidden that you have to be a friggin genious to figure out where the hell did they stick the notice this time. I checked yesterday, no notice. But when I got to the faculty, nobody was there. Just a couple of cleaning ladies, pushing their carts around.

The reason? The real skool starts tomorrow. Today was just the introduction day for freshmen and nothing else. If I believed in omens, I`d say this is a pretty bad one. I mean seriously, which skool starts on tuesday? Pathetic really.

Other news?

The buses were as packed as I can remember them. People being ignorant as always, thinking just cause they bought a token they own the whole bus. The usual heat. And I could not help thinking that I am going to be late (late in my case means that I will not arrive there fifteen minutes before the actual beginning). And there will always be a guy who will stand next to the door the whole time, blocking the people trying to get out. Some things never change.

And it`s raining.