A: So Cookie, how was your first real day in skool like?
B: It was OK.
A: OK? That`s all you are going to say?
B: Well…yes.
A: Oh no, you don`t mister…c`mon…our readers are dying to know the details.
B: Well, I went there in the morning…
A: Interesting…please…do continue.
B: And the first lecture was canceled.
A: Oh no! Again? What kind of show are they running here?
B: My thoughts exactly, Dick. So I sat on the steps and waited and a college came by and we waited together.
A: Oh, so you met a new colleague as well?
B: Well, yeah. Sort of. She was the only one who talked to me so…I guess.
A: That`s nice. What happened next?
B: Then I left, cause the next class was due in a couple of hours and I mailed “something” to Novala and met BeeBee and I gave her the Wagner cd and she gave me some Corsican caramels and paid for my lunch and then we went into a bookstore and I bought two Hornby books and then I went back and sat through two more lecture that lasted for four hours and then I got home and that`s it.
A: My, my, what an interesting day.
B: Bullshit, not interesting. The people are all high on their own supply (when asked, somebody said he wants to succeed and as TV-show host. Like you need any special journalistic education for that. And there seems to be an informational hole over the faculty because nobody ever heard about “ze internet”. And people are so slooowwww…it took them almost an hour to sign a sheet of paper…come fucking on!
A: Are you even going to go back?
B: Of course I will, don`t be ridiculous. This is just…my so-called culture shock.

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