Gandalf told me today that my blog looks underfed. Starved. And I said that I am only loosing a few pounds, making it slimmer. Showing off my muscles.

A short recap of the day since I am slightly tired. This is going to be a pain in the butt. From the looks of it. We spent almost an hour listening to the professor explaining to us the system of grades. Not a very good sign.

I am still amazed by the rate of “pussification” of my fellow students, which seem to think that just cause some of the literature is in *gasp* english, the subject sucks and is not worth attending. Not to mention that nobody wants to volunteer for anything and that some of them are still a looong way from being journalists. Mentally. Scared, detached, not interested. The worst combination. And the problem is…the majority is like that. Sheesh.