It is often said that watching movies after reading the inspiring book leaves a rotten aftertaste in your brain. In the case “About a boy”, the taste is even worse. Think rotten with worms crawling all over.

Unlike “High fidelity” which comes close to the original book, the “About a boy” simillarities end right around the title. The whole book has been so modified, that I am amazed how Hornby let that slide. The plot changes, there are huge (and I mean huge) parts that are simply omitted from the story, the facts are changed.

There is also a disgusting amount of americanization present, although they are trying to keep it very british. Think rap music, mcdonalds, school-plays and so forth. It`s almost as the director thought England was a far-away place where nobody really lives so he tried to imagine it. Appalling.

All in all, a disgrace of a movie, which even a brilliant Hugh Grant cannot save. Read the book and leave this american piece of shit alone.