OK, I had no idea that modifying your wordpress template can and is that stressfull. Short of deleting everything althogether, I

a) tried to install a captcha software for my blog (apparently, the shoe-makes are spamming me senseless with shoe spam)

b) I almost deleted the comments template which I then sucessfully restored with a help of a local back-up

c) I then fucked up the comments template completely and without any back-up, I had to pick a new theme altogether.

d) I almost deleted Baya`s blog, since our blog directories are only a digit apart (mine is wp and hers is wp2).

e) I found a new template that can clip photos (I found prefer resizing but here we are)…

f) …so now here they are, the new “The L files“.


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  1. ill-advised

    Incidentally, if one has images disabled in one’s web browser, much of your blog appears to have a black background. I suspect it’s because of this line in your stylesheet:

    #main { … background:#000 url(‘img/content_bg.gif’) repeat; … }

    My guess is that if you changed #000 to something #FDFBF8, the color would be the same as in content_bg.gif. It would be very helpful for some of us luddites who occasionally prefer to browse the web with images disabled.

  2. ill-advised

    Well, whatever the problem was, it seems to be OK now. The background colour is right and the text is quite readable. Thanks.

    Incidentally, I’ve tried (twice in fact) posting a somewhat lengthy comment to your grammar-related post, but nothing seems to happen. It didn’t contain any links or anything of that sort. Do you have any idea what might be wrong?


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