There is a disease spreading in our country, and it`s called illiteracy. And I am not talking about the common people (please, I am not casting stone when my house is made of glass). I am talking about Rozina, the self-proclaimed nest of the silent revolution (excuse me, but that`s just plain stupid. If the revolution is silent, what`s the fucking point??).

Anyway, so far, only the silent part is right. They are silent. I understand these are people with busy lives (or so I imagine) and they don`t have the time to blog several posts per day (like..erm…well…me), but come fucking on! Are they really thinking that they are going to conquer the world with posting old articles that have already been published? Sheesh.

This blog is sweet. She is a TV journalist, known for her show “Preverjeno” which deals with investigative journalism. The problem is, her grammar knowledge ends with “ki, ko, ker, da, če, vejica skače“.

Now, I really do not know where the problem is. If you don`t know your grammar, then just stick to formations you do know and can handle. Nobody is going to bitch about you using shorter or single-verb sentences. However, people will notice if your sentences are long and comma-less. Or comma-rich. You see, some people think that sticking too many commas will make them look smarter. Well,guess,what,wise,guy,it,ain`t,happening. This is just as bad as saying “Danes ko je dan suh nikjer nikogar bom odšel tja kjer se dogajajo čudne stvari”. I don`t know about you but it makes my eyes hurt.

Grammar is the rule-book of language. This isn`t just some fancy-pancy high theory people are better off to ignore and go on with their lives. This is the way the language functions. And journalists, the carriers, the makers of the language norms, should be twice as careful as the others. Not being aware of your influence and bash away like you are the last hick on the pig-farm is really not useful.

Unless of course, that`s the image you are going for.

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