First off, I apologize for the delayed Ill advised comment which had to be emailed to me and then posted by the administrator using black magic and dead cats. If any of others commentators face the same problem, please email your comments and I`ll see what I can do. Would not want you to think that your comments are not being accepted due to their nature.

Second, my beef with Rozina is as follows. You see, people are underestimating the Internet as a medium. They have, they are and they will. They think of it poorly, they are not seeing it as a worthy successor of the current media (newspapers, radio, television) and they think that just cause “it`s the internet” they can do whatever they like and nobody will give a rat`s ass about it. Which is of course the wrong kind of attitude if we want to keep the boat afloat. Covering your ears and going “nah nah nah nah nah” is plain..childish.

The problem with Rozina is that people who are responsible for it, are professionals. In their, shall we say, real lives. I don`t buy the “they are getting the hang of it” excuse for a second. Why? Because it is nothing more than a puny excuse for doing stupid things. Writing a blog is nothing more and nothing less than writing a column in a newspaper. It`s not that different as it requires the same skill. Content, context, style. Just because the (slovenian) blogosphere is full of blogs like Smrketa or chinese-teens blogs, does not mean it`s an open-for-all bufffet where you can order bukkake. And it most certainly does not mean that the readers should eat every single piece of shit that flies by. Quality control is important. I am amused just how much is my beef with Rozina affecting others. Seriously guys and girls, if my blog pisses you so much, get the hell out of here. I am not writing this to please the court. If you agree with me, fine. If you don`t, fine. End of story. My blog is not worth getting an ulcer.

Comprehension is not the point of following the grammar. Comprehension is the lowest stage for the language to function. Basically, we could leave out all the A,E,I,O,Us out of every word and we would still understand what the message is. That is not the point of being a grammar nazi and comment on people`s mistakes.

I agree that the language is a living thing and should not be strangled by grammar. I support that theory fully, in fact, it`s the only language theory that makes sense. But using it as an excuse for sloppy grammar and comma-errors…that won`t fly.

And please…I said it a million times. Use the structures you are familliar with. Wrongful spelling, I don`t mind. Everybody has a dab day. But other than that…come on. You never re-read your posts after you`re done?

And this is slovenian we are talking about. Your mother-tongue. Marko, please show me where I butcher my own language. I am not being snotty or anything, but I would really like to know.

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