This really is a big subject. Blogs`n`all. The lecture lasted for 2 hours and in the end, Baya went:”You did not tell anything new, in fact you omitted certain things“. That is sad but true.

You see, the blogs are a big subject and there is no way you could fit absolutely every single thing about them in a 2-hours time span. So you decide to cut corners. Nothing big mind you and that part about not telling anything new is not true either (come to think of it, every time I had a lecture, some new aspects of blog popped up), but I think that the course should be divided into 2 2-hours parts. Or maybe I should develop two versions of the same lecture, using the one most befitting for the task.

The three aspects that are going to be included in the next version of the lecture
– the linguistics of blogs
– the technical stuff (stop laughing Maq! I`ll hire a professional 😉 )
– the problem of authenticity and copyright

It went ok, don`t get me wrong and I think I got the hang of it. The crowd was interested (they had to be, right 😀 ) and all was well.

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